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Made with love since 1993

Fruit Tarta

Welcome to Chocolada Bakery & Cafe.

Since 1993 we have produced quality cakes and desserts for a diverse clientele. Catering to refined tastes and special requests, Chocolada Bakery & Cafe has become a fixture of South Florida. Authentic European recipes have been our trademark, complemented by North American classics. Our cakes and deserts are created with the finest natural ingredients, fruit purees, chocolate and more others products from Switzerland, France and Belgium. All our cakes and desserts are decadent and exquisitely decorated. Our wide selection will satisfy all taste buds.

Chocolate Covered Cherries

This tempting treat showcases cherries dipped in rich, dark chocolate, with a glossy finish that hints at a masterful touch. The deep red of the cherries peeks out, suggesting a sweet and tart juiciness within, perfectly complemented by the chocolate’s smooth, indulgent embrace.

SINCE 1993