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About Chocolada Bakery & Cafe

Chocolada was originally established in 1993 in the heart of the downtown Hollywood, Florida.

Years ago it was acquired by a passionate Romanian descendent baker that brought with her award winning culinary experience and an array of traditional pastry recipes, passed down through generations.

As our success grew, we continued to expand our menu selections by adding delicious and healthy dishes, prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients.

Before we knew it, Chocolada became a neighborhood favorite - a place with a warm atmosphere where people can gather with family and friends, where fresh, quality foods are served.

We are dedicated to keep our neighbors and friends happy. Everyone who walks through our doors is our valued guest and many of you have become our valued friends.

Our exquisitely decorated cakes and desserts are made with the finest ingredients such as Belgian chocolate, all natural butter, seasonal fruit, fresh cream and eggs.

Enjoy our complimentary music with an international flair combined with fine pastries, in a unique and special European atmosphere.

Come visit Chocolada and see what you have been missing!

We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, live entertainment and we cater for all occasions. Come join us, you will not be disappointed...

Call us at 954.920.6400 or press here for map and directions.

Chocolada Bakery & Cafe, 1923 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Florida :: Phone: 954.920.6400

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